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TZ 300 / TZ 400 / TZ 500


Type of Pouch obtainable:

      1.    Single Line/ Double Line Three Side- Seal Pouches.
      2.    Single Line/ Double Line Zip – lock pouches.

2.  Brief machine component & system description:
Main roll infeed section provided with mechanical brake tension control system,  dancing roll compensating section & mechanical web alignment   device.

3.  Major Machine Component:
a)    Zip lock guide system
b)    Zip lock sealing system
c)    Zip lock chilling system
d)    Zip lock fusing system
e)    Registered bottom seal section.
f)    Servo drive complete package.
g)    Pneumatically operated, photo registered v-notching system.
h)    Side trimming section & trim removal section.
i)    Photo-registered guillotine cutting section.
j)    Antistatic system for clean cut pouch and easy collection on synchronized conveyor belt.

4.  Machine drive:-
a.    Main drive                       :    01 set A.C. geared motor with variable frequency drive.
b.    Web indexing drive          :    01 servo motor with driver.

5. Approximate sealing connected power:
A.    Zip-lock sealer                :    4000 W
B.    Zip-lock fusing hammer    :    1000 W
C.    Top Sealer                     :    1500 W
D.    Side sealing                   :    2000 W

6.   Trimming Unit:-
      a.    Trim waste is removed automatically by line vacuum system
      c.    A pair of adjustable trim slitting knives has been provided to trim the ends.

7.    Multilane Slitting Unit :
A set of adjustable slitting knives has been provided to run multilane pouches.

8.   Photo-Cell Registered Mark Sensing Device:-

      a. 01 no. adjustable table has been provided to give a flutter-free run of the web under the electronic eye.
      b. Photo-cell is mounted on a specially designed frame-work having adjustable on all the three co-ordinates.    

 9.   Center Command Desk:-
Information technology (IT) based communication panel with membrane touch screen and digital display screen medium for communicating operating conditions such as:

a.    Set length.
b.    Machine speed.
c.    Batch counting.
d.    Notch & punch.
e.    Photo-cell.
f.    Reset of all features.
g.    Web inching.

I.    Forward.
II.    Reverse.
             Also, fault indication shall be flushed on the display screen, for your correcting

10.     Electric Heater Panel:-
             Adequate nos. of SSR PID-control system with presetting arrangement & digital               readout has been provided to individually control the different type of sealing bars.

11.     Machine Positional Stop:-
            To avoid web-burning, a logic circuit has been introduced to command the machine to stop the machine only when the sealer bars and the top knife is at top- position, irrespective of when the “stop” push button has been actuated. 

12.     Machine Emergency Stop:-
Adequate no. of emergency stop button has been provided to stop the machine immediately. 

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