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SLC 200

Machine Description

Unwinding section:
I.  Unwinding roll stand is made of heavy duty plates bolted directly to the main frame.
II. Unwind roll shaft with one set of fixing core holder is mounted on anti-friction
III. Mechanical centering device has been provided for x- alignment of the web.
IV. Surface brake has been provided for uniform tension control throughout the machine

Main machine section:
Machine frame has been built with heavy duty plates duly machined and bored and fitted with heavy duty tie – bars.

(i) Pulling section:
Driven pulling roll has been provided for pulling the web from the unwinding stand. A unique design feature has been incorporated, so that the uneven tube of PVC. (20 % thickness variation on PVC – Film) does not go off track.

(ii) Dancing / Accumulating section:
Immediately after the pulling section, a dancer unit has been provided with sets of contact proximity switches, to synchronize and balance between the continuous unwinding web feeding and intermittent web feeding for cutting operation.

(iii) Print registration unit:
A photo – registration unit – with adjustable table on a rack & pinion system and imported photo – cell has been provided, to sense the photo – mark on the printed web and accordingly signal the servo index motor to stop pulling and facilitate the cross cutting of individual sleeve.

(iv) Indexing unit:
Comprising of one specially designed rubber draw roller, one nip – roller with pressure – setting and quick engage – disengage mechanism .

One set of steel – comb has been provided between the indexing roll and extended up to the cutting edge of the dead – knife, to guide the web and help cover the distance from nip to dead knife edge, uninterrupted and in straight –line.

(v) Cross – cutting unit:
One dead – knife is fixed on a sliding beam and provided with micro – adjustment screws to facility adjustment after regrinding the knives.
The oscillating knife is pivoted and set against adjustable spring pressure. The whole of the oscillating unit is mounted on an angular fashion, to soft scissor facilitate cutting and there by increasing the regrinding life of the knives and burr – free cross – cutting.

(vi) Collection conveyer belt:
A synchronized conveyer belt has been provided in front of cutting knives for easy and programmable stock collection.

(vii) Static eliminator unit:
A static – charge eliminator system is provided in front of the cutting knives, to facilitate clean cut of the sleeve and easy collection of the sleeves.

(viii) Drive Unit:
a) A.C. inverter drive with geared motor has been provided for unwind pull unit.
b) A.C. inverter drive with geared has been provided for cam shaft drive.
c) One servo – indexing drive system (imported package system) has been provided for
    indexing the sleeve.

(ix) Control Panel Unit:
Housed in a cubicle and provided with all the necessary control system along with a big screen “MMI” with feather touch pressure switches to intimate/commend the set points.

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